“I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. I receive gifts from Reiki every day and it is a constant reminder of you. The work we did in those classes (through Reiki III) is still expanding in my consciousness today. I am blown away by the transformative power of this practice and way of life. It has blessed my life and the people in it.” ~ S. Sweeney

“When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I found Marion as my Reiki practitioner. Throughout chemo, Reiki energy and her healing touch minimized some of the awful side effects. She provided a safe place to laugh, cry, and to learn about blocked energy my body was storing. Marion is compassionate and supportive and has a special connection with the Universe to bring in spiritual helpers to assist with the Reiki treatments, and I can’t thank Reiki and Marion enough for helping me get through such a tough time.” ~Joy

“Thank you so much Marion for taking your time to provide guidance and direction in my learning more about “Chakra Balancing.” I sure appreciated the learning experience and your teaching ability. Thank you once again; it was such a pleasure to meet you. You taught me so much.” ~Carol Dufner

Marion, I woke up this morning and noticed how balanced I was. Thank you so much for the healing yesterday. It was as if for several weeks I had a bunch of strings attached to things outside of me but this morning I noticed something different – they had disappeared. Such a relief. Thanks so much. ~Mary

“I have gone to only a few other Reiki Circles in other areas…. I felt such a peace and a loving spirit throughout the 2 hours I was there…I would recommend ” Living Reiki ” to all who desire a deeper understanding of their spirit, for healing, and peace.” ~ D. Tussey

“On the master’s level training, I can only say that “it was all good.” I personally liked that your lessons offered complementary supplemental topics in the spiritual sciences (occult & esoteric topics). I appreciate both your humility and your wisdom, which were reflected in every training.” ~ Patsy Fine, RMT and CMT Sophia’s Well Volcano, CA

“I have overcome serious fears being with people, being touched, trusting and using Reiki as a crystal clear channel. The Essential Oil treatment for my respiratory illness ( recurring 3 or 5 times a year since 1994 ) was cleared up completely within 2 weeks after the Raindrop therapy; the Oils catalyzed, cleared, and grounded very old and stale aspects of me. You’re a healing miracle…. And your Reiki III Master Class was a remarkable case of Clear Channels helping others understand, on multiple levels, what Reiki means.” ~ Bill Skydreamer, Reiki Master

“I feel that my life has been directed by your Reiki Master Series. Your experience and willingness to share your knowledge is a beautiful gift that I feel very blessed to be a part of. I will carry you and your teaching in my heart as I embark on my own teaching journey. Blessings,” ~ Laura Pallatin, CMT and Owner, Cameron Park Massage

“We’re here to help and heal others, to transform lives through love and energy, God’s will. It’s right there in our faces if we can just clear away the clutter and the useless negative energy that moves us closer to the light. Oh my God! That’s what it’s about. And my Reiki classes — as I just discovered, realized — are about clearing our personal clutter to make way for love to permeate our beings. Marion, your work in the world is so meaningful.” ~ KC, Reiki Master

“I plan to “retire”… and will find work up in Oregon. I’ve already contacted a Healing Arts Center in the new town where we will live…I taught my first Reiki II class a month ago and they are now eager to take Advanced Reiki II! Marion, I appreciate all that you shared and appreciate even more the way you have taught us to honor all traditions and watch our judgment of others.” ~ Karen Roth, Reiki Master

“This experience in this series has offered a great learning environment, an excellent opportunity to make friends and spiritual connections, and has been a great, loving, supportive environment. The Master Teacher series helped me to open my mind, heart, and soul to healing energy (God) to help me heal, know myself better, and help others.” ~John Ruiz

“This class exceeded my expectations. Marion is knowledgeable and creative in her presentation, and humble in her answers. It is empowering and gives me a lot of self confidence to pursue a teaching career in Reiki and Karuna Reiki.” ~ Christi Harsono

“It was a very peaceful three days full of support, compassion, and love. I loved the toning—more, more, more!!!”~ Paula Gordon

“John and Marion are awesome and they have healing, warm, loving energy. Great Team!” ~ Melynda Ruckels

“Marion, thank you for offering this profound Reiki Drumming class for us. I appreciated the extras that you and Paula added in service of the sacred feminine. The healing that I received throughout the class and the insightful drumming journeys have fed my spirit since I returned to Oregon!” ~Karen Roth

“I have worked with many Reiki practitioners and have been helped by all, but the experience with Marion has been special for me. She is a gifted healing facilitator, and that has allowed me to open up to deep healing and much progress. She has many years experience in a myriad of healing modalities which allows her Reiki experience to be very creative and unique. I feel fortunate to know and work with her.” ~J. Mcleod