Open House
June 4, 2016 
2-5 p.m.

Come spend the afternoon with us and see what we have to offer! Presentations – Holistic Services – Shopping – Activities – Raffle Prizes


ESAC II: 30th Street
2:00 Sound Healing by Kate Casey, Suite 208
2:30 Intro to Reiki by Marion Hakata, Suite 208
3:00 Soul Investigation by Julia Rinne, Suite 309
3:30 Uncover Your Blockages to Relationship and Money by Carmen Lee, Suite 309
4:00 Tuning the Biofield with Lorraine Chilson, RN, Suite 311

ESAC I: Elvas Avenue
2:30 Protect Your Energy by Heather Needham
3:00 Healing Breath by Ellen Valentine
3:30 Sound Healing Meditation with Kate Casey

Activities & Services (Donation)

ESAC II: 30th Street
Reiki with Living Reiki Students, Suite 208, 3-5 p.m.
Stress Busters for Health with Nancy Evans, Suite 311

ESAC I: Elvas Avenue
Iridology or Numerology for Couples
Intuitive Readings with Heather Needham
Sound Healing with Kate Casey

Both Locations will be Open!
ESAC I ­ Body & Hearth • 5530 Elvas Avenue • Sac, CA
ESAC II – Wellness Center, 225 30th St., Sac, CA

ESAC Team of Practitioners and Educators
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