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Reiki Session: $75 (60 minutes)

The first Reiki session one receives is usually very relaxing or invigorating. The client remains fully clothed as the practitioner does Reiki by holding the hands on or over the body. The practitioner brings in life force energy, and the client receives the energy, which then flows to where it is needed. One or two sessions may help an acute condition; chronic conditions may require many sessions over a period of time. Reiki, by itself, does not effect an immediate or complete cure. However, adding belief, trust, and faith may result in unexpected possibilities. Reiki is synergistic with professional medical care and integrated therapies, proper nutrition, self-care, and a positive thought process. A session typically takes 60 minutes but could take longer depending upon what is needed and willingly received by the client.

Raindrop Session: $120 (75 – 90 minutes)

Grade A essential oils are dropped raindrop style in a synergistic combination of 9 essential oils and blends on and around the spine about 6” or so above the client’s body. The oils feel like rain falling on the back. The body, aura, and energy centers are brought into alignment and balance with each other. Raindrop sessions may facilitate an energy and physical detox and reduce and relieve discomfort, result in relaxation, and works to promote overal optimal health and well-being. Marion will add Reiki if desired. Other oils may be added depending upon the intention for healing.

If Reiki is included, the session could take 90 minutes or more. The oils will continue to work in the body for several days. All of the essential oils used in the sessions are meant for healing. The application can work on body, mind, and spirit for a holistic experience. Marion uses organic, pure therapeutic grade oils only.

Reiki and CranialSacral: $90
(60 – 90 minutes)

This gentle energy combination brings a balance of mind, body, and spirit that will connect a client with his/her inner healer. Marion assesses the body via the “listening stations” to find the restrictions. Gentle placements at strategic locations on the body plus gentle pressure will invoke energetic releases along the spinal column and elsewhere in the body. The client is fully clothed. Stress and tension in the head, neck, shoulders, and back can be greatly reduced. Reiki energy is channeled throughout the session to integrate, balance, harmonize and align the chakras and layers of the aura with the body.

Reiki energy manifests the therapeutic healing session that is required. Marion’s clients generally feel grounded in their bodies and experience a deep sense of peace and relaxation after their sessions.


APPOINTMENT CANCELLATION POLICY: Please give me a 24-hour notice, or more, if you need to cancel your appointment. If you make an appointment and miss it for no good reason and do not call or show up, I will not be available to schedule future appointments with you.

NOTE: The above sessions should not be considered a substitute for professional medical care when a serious problem is involved. The purpose of each session is to open the flow of energy through the body, which stimulates and expedites and supports healing in a natural way.