Beverly Jean Farris, The Reiki Center
Compassionate healer, knowledgeable teacher and dear Reiki friend whom I have known since my early days of Reiki at East West Books.

Fair Oaks Massage School – Madonna Polley
Madonna, Reiki, massage therapist, hypnotherapy soul sister, and owner of The Fair Oaks Massage Institute, where I teach about Reiki and essential oils.

ESAC Achievement & Wellness Center – Bette Biederman
Owner of a cooperative and model for a multi-disciplinary approach to wellness and prevention, staffed by diverse practitioners with unique skills to facilitate a holistic healing outcome. Great thanks to ESAC for welcoming the Living Reiki presence there.

Getting Thru
Phillip and Jane Mountrose, great teachers and mentors who supported my opening to my Divine purpose in 1997 with Reiki after I completed my Master studies and hypnotherapy training with them.

Ancestral Healing Pathways – John Ruiz
Reiki Training, Shamanic Healing, Supportive Counseling, Career and Vocational Guidance, Life Coaching.

Susan Lawton Graphics & Web Design
All the marketing material ingredients you need for a successful business in the complementary healing arts field.

The Miracle Path —Stepping Stones on Your Spiritual Journey
Kate Casey
Kate offers compassionate action and love in her offerings that combine the energy of healing with the magic of Feng Shui to manifest what you desire for your home, body, and spirit. Black-Sect Tibetan Buddhist Feng Shui Practitioner, Usui and Karuna Reiki® Master. Virtual and Residential Feng Shui consultations, classes, cures, and products, Sacred Sound Healer.

Theresa LeGarie
Teresa is another mentor, powerful resource, business coach, and great friend with whom I walk the path of natural healing with essential oils.

Anna Kato
Hypnotherapy, Shamanic Healing, Workshops and Classes